The North West Region Board met on 3 June 2019 at which the recent cancellation of events was discussed, with input from the Region Road Subgroup.

It was acknowledged that difficulties have arisen over the course of the season, in particular with respect to a change in how the risk assessments for road races in the North West are being interpreted. This has led to a reliance on a larger number of accredited marshals to enable races to take place.

The Region Board are keen to resolve this issue as soon as possible and the Road Subgroup are meeting in the near future to look at what changes can be implemented to ensure that road racing continues in the North West. This will include better communication with members and enhanced coordination to ensure we can engage with volunteers better.

It was also agreed that to recognise the role accredited marshals play in enabling road races to take place, further support will be put in place to recognise the considerable contribution they make, and also to encourage more people to get involved as volunteers.

Further updates will be made available as we have them, including details of upcoming courses for accredited marshals. 

Alan Gornall
North West Region Chair

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