We’re doing some work to find out what our members need, want and expect from British Cycling.

British Cycling are reviewing the services they provide to clubs and groups. To help understand what services clubs value now and would value in the future, staff from headquarters and the regions wish to meet as many volunteers from clubs and groups as possible to listen to their views.

If you have a lot of contact or if you rarely have anything to do with British Cycling, we’d like to invite you to this meeting and hear what you have to say. We might not be able to accommodate everyone, so for now, we’d like you to register your interest in attending and we’ll send invitations based on those responses.

Please do this by replying to [email protected] with your details.

We’ll be looking for a good representation of all types of club. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 5th February meeting 6.30, starting at 7 and finishing at 8.30. The North West’s session will be held in the National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street and we will put the kettle on for you!

Hope to see you there.


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