Event Equipment


The region has a range of event equipment available for the use of race organisers and officials. This includes:

  • UHF Radios - handheld & vehicle sets

  • Videofinish cameras

  • Route signage

  • Vehicle warning signs

  • Race control flags

  • Gazebos

The equipment is only available to organisers of British Cycling registered events in the North West Region.

There is no charge for it's use, however the hirer will be held liable for any loss or damage to equipment whilst in their possession. The hirer is also responsible for the collection and return of the equipment from the relevant region contact.

It is necessary to reserve the equipment required, ideally at least 1 month before the event takes place. Initial requests should be directed to:


For area-specific enquiries you can also contact:

Merseyside area: media@bc-nw.co.uk

Manchester area: administrator@bc-nw.co.uk

Lancashire area: alan.roper@bc-nw.co.uk